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Nani Marquina founded her company in 1987, motivated by the ambition to innovate and create surprise through the quality and modernity of the design. In order to broaden her creative scope, she quickly decided to surround herself with the most renowned contemporary designers, such as the Bourrelec brothers, Javier Mariscal, Joaquim Ruiz Millet, Xano Armenter, Cristian Zuzunaga, Nipa Doshi or Jonathan Levien. The result of these collaborations was a coherent and yet diverse range of of rugs in which geometrical audacity, poetic fantasy and colours harmoniously come together.

Design is taking part of the company’s soul, and this is what has allowed them to achieve their goal – creating rugs that convey emotions and a sense of wellbeing.

Creating unique pieces by playing with shapes, colours and textures. Rugs that people fall in love with.

Immersed in a unique world of creativity from her early childhood, Nani Marquina’s father, Rafael Marquina, one of the pioneers of Spanish design, is the creator of the famous Marquina oil cruet. An icon of Spanish design, the cruet garnered the first prize during the inaugural edition of the ADIFAD Awards in 1961. This made a profound impression on Nani, fostering a deep conviction to follow in her father’s footsteps and the family tradition of design.

Special attention and effort have been invested in searching for quality raw materials and manufacturing processes from the very beginning; factors that enrich the aesthetics of her designs, the main reason for the brand’s commercial success. In addition, thanks to her visionary attitude, Nani Marquina collaborates with prestigious international designers to create unique collections. Growth and international acclaim would continue in 2002, with the addition of Nani’s daughter, María Piera Marquina.

Global thinking. This is one of nanimarquina’s values — being aware of others and trying to do their bit to improve the lives of people who live in the areas where they produce their rugs. When they discovered the worlds of other cultures in developing countries, they decided to relocate all their production in the 1990's and set up there. This allows them to fulfil their wish to boost local economies in these countries and offer new opportunities and improved living standards for local people. In return, this craftsmanship along with the Indian culture and local traditions have influenced the collections at nanimarquina. Today, the company is famous worldwide as a pioneer in the field of contemporary rugs.

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