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Scandinavian-designed desk accessories combine functionality and minimalist aesthetics, transforming ordinary workspaces into inspiring, organised environments. [read more]

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Audo Copenhagen

Scandinavian-designed desk accessories fuse functionality with minimalist aesthetics, transforming ordinary workspaces into inspiring, organised environments. 

Brands such as Fiskars, Artek, Hay, Ferm Living, Muuto, and Audo Copenhagen offer a range of office accessories that are not just useful; they add a distinctive touch of Nordic design. 

Here's a quick introduction to these brands.


Fiskars, world-renowned for its iconic orange scissors, combines impeccable quality with innovative design. Their scissors and cutting tools are designed for precision and ease of use, making them a must-have for any creative office space. Their durability and functionality make them the first choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


Artek stands out for its office furniture and accessories that celebrate the legacy of Alvar Aalto. The storage boxes, inspired by clean lines and natural materials, offer elegant storage solutions that complement any office with a touch of Finnish classicism. Their simplicity and versatility underline the "less is more" philosophy.


Hay is synonymous with contemporary design that incorporates bright colours and playful shapes. Their range of office accessories, including wastepaper bins, pen trays and banquettes, transform the office into a vibrant and dynamic space. Designed to stimulate creativity, these accessories combine functionality with innovative aesthetics.

Ferm Living

Ferm Living offers office accessories that reflect a modern aesthetic with a touch of warmth and naturalness. Their storage boxes, often made from organic materials such as wood and metal, offer storage solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Each piece is designed to add a touch of tranquillity and order to the workspace.


Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word for "new perspective", reinvents traditional desk accessories with a fresh and innovative approach. Their pencil pots and desk organisers feature minimalist shapes and soft colours, designed to encourage organisation and inspiration in the workspace.

Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen offers a range of desk accessories that combine Scandinavian functionality with sophistication. Their approach focuses on designs that serve as both functional pieces and objets d'art. High-quality materials and thoughtful design make each product an elegant addition to any office.


At Scandinavia Design, these brands are carefully presented, highlighting their uniqueness and design philosophy. Office accessories are not seen simply as supplies; they are seen as essential elements that contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the workspace. 

Each product is accompanied by detailed descriptions, high-quality photos and suggestions for complementary products, offering consumers an immersive shopping experience that highlights the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design. 

Whether for a home office or a professional workspace, Scandinavia Design offers a careful selection of accessories that perfectly balance form and function, reflecting the spirit of Nordic design.