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Kitchen textiles & Trays

The kitchen is one of the places where chores are most quickly transformed into pleasure: making food definitely doesn't taste the same when tea towels, trays, potholders and other kitchen aprons are adorned with the vigorous and positive energy of Marimekko, the Finnish publisher whose ideal is to bring pleasure out of every moment of daily life.

Aprons, tea towels, pot holders

Paraati Apron

Auringonkukka Tea Towel – waffle cotton

Paraati Ovenmitten

Paraati Pot Holder

Pieni Tiiliskivi Apron

Tiiliskivi Tea Towel – cotton linen

Pieni Tiiliskivi Ovenmitten

Pieni Tiiliskivi Pot Holder

Beige Papajo Ovenmitten

Beige Papajo Pot Holder

Black Unikko Apron

Black Unikko Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Black Unikko Ovenmitten

Black Unikko Pot Holder

Red Unikko Apron

Red Unikko Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Red Unikko Ovenmitten

Red Unikko Pot Holder

Beige Unikko Apron

Beige Unikko Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Beige Unikko Ovenmitten

Beige Unikko Pot Holder

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Apron

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Ovenmitten

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Pot Holder

Räsymatto Apron

Puutarhurin Parhaat Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Räsymatto Ovenmitten

Räsymatto Pot Holder

Unikko Tea Towel – cotton linen

Trays & Chopping boards

Seireeni tray 28x44 cm

Tiiliskivi tray 20x20 cm

Melooni tray 28x44 cm

Tiiliskivi tray 20x20 cm

beige Unikko tray Ø31 cm

Fokus tray Ø46 cm

Räsymatto tray Ø31 cm

Räsymatto tray 15x32 cm

Kivet chopping board 24,5x24,5 cm