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Carl Hansen & Søn

FK63 Bookcase System

design Preben Fabricius
& Jørgen Kastholm, 1963

The FK63 Bookcase System, designed by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm in 1963, is made of solid oak at Carl Hansen & Søn's factory in Gelsted on Funen, Denmark. It takes many hours of painstaking joinery work before the finished shelves can be shipped to customers worldwide. Sanding the beautiful mortise joints to produce a smooth and silky-soft surface is a particularly time-consuming process. The installation of the doors also requires extreme precision, and they are adjusted by hand to ensure perfect symmetry. The drawers are always made of ash, which contrasts elegantly with the oak. A spring ball catch is fitted at the bottom of each door, producing a discreet click when the door is closed. 

Thomas Kastholm, son of Jørgen Kastholm: « We had the bookcase system in my childhood home, and I loved the sound that the doors made when my parents opened them. The discreetly mounted ball catches produce a gentle clicking sound which I loved - the effect was similar to that of the sound of a door closing on a luxury car. »

The elegant and flexible FK63 Bookcase System offers countless possibilities for creating the perfect bookcase design for modern homes, offices, hotels and other public spaces.

Materials frame in solid oak (oiled, smoked oiled or white oiled), back panels in oak veneer, shelves in ash, legs in black lacquered steel, handles in brass

Modules Depth 27 cm
from 847 € 

Modules Depth 36 cm
from 968 € 

horizontal hanging or standing elements

Width 112 cm Depth 27 or 36 cm Height 56 cm

Width 53,5 cm Depth 27 or 36 cm Height 56 cm

Width 56 cm Depth 27 or 36 cm Height 28 cm

vertical hanging or standing elements

Height 112 cm Depth 27 or 36 cm Width 56 cm

Width 28 cm Depth 27 or 36 cm Height 56 cm

horizontal standing elements

Width 112 cm Depth 36 cm Height 72,5 cm

Width 56 cm Depth 36 cm Height 72,5 cm

Free Samples (against deposit)
95 €

FK63 is available in white oile, oiled oak and oiled smoked oak

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Fabricius & Kastholm

Together they designed furniture in wood, then also in steel and leather, taking advantage of Jørgen Kastholm's experience and training as a blacksmith. They were inspired by Danish design luminaries like Hans J. Wegner and Arne Jacobsen, but also international names like Charles and Ray Eames and Mies van der Rohe. During the design process, drawings were passed back and forth across the table between Fabricius and Kastholm until it was no longer possible to tell who had drawn what, but the result was a joint effort. The designer duo specialize in designing furniture and single-family homes, and their designs are characterized by minimalism, sophistication, functionality, quality, and attention to detail.