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Copy vs Original

Original? Copy?
Original? Copy?

Scandinavia Design doesn't sell copies

You've found the same object 3 or 4 times cheaper on another website and you're wondering why? It's a copy.

At Scandinavia Design, we don't sell copies, only original pieces protected by intellectual property laws. For each of these pieces, there's only one authorized manufacturer who has the exclusive right on it, and for whom we are an authorized retailer (please, consult official retailer lists on manufacturers' websites).

Scandinavia Design doesn't like copies

In order to reduce production costs, copyists lower:

- the quality of materials: recycled woods, synthetic leathers, cheap foams, nylon cords instead of paper cords, etc.

- the quality of work: less qualified craftsmen, faster working procedures with lower quality standards.

In order to get around Intellectual property laws, copyists also modify slightly the design, affecting harmony and balance of the shape.

The object not only loses its beauty, but also its functionality, personality and intelligence of conception.

On the picture, the copie looks like the original? Pictures don't have a contractual value and, exactly as copies, their purpose is to mislead by creating an illusion.

Even if one would like to believe in miracles, low quality always ends by showing at some point: table legs that disconnect from the object, fabrics that come unstuck, foam that grows hollow, broken screw threads, etc. And what once seemed like a good deal turn out to be a waste of money.

Copies don't embellish interiors: they are kitsch illusions that translate a lack of respect for designs and designers. For the same price, why not buy another object, different, original, which at least has the elegance not to try to be something that it is not?