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Normann Copenhagen

Pouf Silo

design Hans Hornemann

The Silo poufs collection takes its name from its simple and distinct cylindrical shape, which forms a contrast with their vibrant coverings. Luxurious woven textiles from the manufacturer Imatex give the poufs a touch of extravagance that is highlighted by their simple geometrical silhouette.

The poufs are available in three different sizes: diameters of 50, 70 and 90 cm which exist in three different color range: discreet black / brown tones which bring a chic and sophisticated atmosphere, a palette of blue shades inspired by Italian coasts and a mixture of warm confetti colors and dusty brown that create an exclusive and lively ambiance. 

Silo offers a flat surface which, thanks to its PU foam and plywood, can be used both as a seat and as a coffee table or side table. Versatile, the pouf can be used in a hallway as well as in a living room, bedroom or dressing room.

Material PU foam and plywood

small Silo pouf

Dimensions H46 x Ø50 cm

Earth Confetti

fabric Bolgheri 7
495 € 

Coffee Grounds

fabric Bolgheri 4
495 € 

Deep Sea

fabric Bolgheri 8
495 € 

medium Silo pouf

Dimensions H43 x Ø70 cm

Dusty Brown

fabric Albagia 214
525 € 

Navy Blue

fabric Albagia 288
525 € 


fabric Albagia 201
525 € 

large Silo pouf

Dimensions H39 x Ø90 cm

Carnival Red

fabric Wynwood 13
780 € 

Piazza Grey

fabric Wynwood 10
780 € 

Riviera Blue

fabric Wynwood 8
780 € 

Hans Hornemann

The young Danish designer Hans Hornemann graduated as a Master of Engineering in Industrial Design from the University of Aalborg 2014. Hans Hornemann emphasizes the combination of aesthetic simplicity and high functionality in expressive and light-hearted design. He is fascinated by the industrial and technical solutions in design in terms of both material and mode of expression. Natural materials often inspire him, and he endeavors to strip the design to its bone and portray the honesty found in the materials.

"In my opinion design should be a balance between an aesthetic minimalism and functionality with a user friendly experience. As a designer I aim to be true to the material used in order to enhance and bring out its natural qualities and characteristics. I value clean and minimalistic lines that add a new spin to the classic design. In creating a design, I think it's important to start from scratch and bring a new contribution to the products idiom, expression or functionality."