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About ratings

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You are interested in a product, but, before buying at Scandinavia Design, you want to be reassured by looking at their consumer reviews? Are they serious? honest? Reactive? Concerned about customer satisfaction? Will someone answer the phone or my email in case of a problem later on?  

Or, on the contrary, is their cute logo in fact only hiding a bunch of profit-hungry, cynical, incompetent, misanthropic cheaters?  

Your questions are logical, since, if you type “Scandinavian Design consumer reviews”, what do you find?

 Not much to be honest: a few grinchy complaints, a bunch of happy customers. 

Yet, if you do the same for a competitor site, hundreds, if not thousands, of generally wonderfully glowing reviews suddenly appear.  

How come? Is Scandinavia Design too recent? No, the company exists since 2007.

Would they have too few customers? No, it is successful and delivers thousands of products every year.

So why then?

The reason, you guessed it, is simple: we refuse to pay rating organizations, professional reviews and e-reputation agencies. We refuse to pay to receive glorious comments and to have the right to remove reviews, even unfair ones.

We rely on our customers' intelligence, as we rely on the intelligence of our products.

Good design for good people.