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Secto Design, Luminaires Design Finlandais

Tuula Jusélius and the designer Seppo Koho, who are the two founders of Secto Design, met in 1995. Both shared a common desire to create a brand which used modern techniques of conception and fabrication centered on Nordic wood and Scandinavian’s aesthetics values.

Their first project together consisted on the creation of a series of furniture. And it was with the idea to accompany that series that they created their first lamp: the Secto 4200. Back then, its design was a real innovation and therefore quickly piqued the public’s and the press’ curiosity. It took a considerable amount of time and efforts to find a cabinetmaker capable to produce Secto lamps in large quantities yet maintaining the artisanal touch.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, Tuula Jusélius and Seppo Koho abandoned furniture’s creation and instead focused on lightings. Nowadays, the Secto Design’s range is made of over 20 items and it never ceases to grow. More than 90% of the production is exported.

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