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Kontro pendant


design Seppo Koho

The Kontro 6000 pendant has a shade made of thin slats of wood that intersect to give a shape of hourglass with generous proportions. Because of its wide lower opening and the light spacing of its lamellae, the Kontro pendant diffuses the light particularly well, while giving it beautiful and warm hues. The pendant will find its place alone above a table or in the center of a room, but also in alignments above a work plan or a central island unit. Each lamp is made in Finland by a highly skilled craftsman, and is subject to rigorous quality control. The Kontro pendant comes with a white textile cable and canopy, except for the black version (black cable and canopy).

Materials formpressed birch slats, natural, white or black laminated or with walnut veneer

Dimensions Ø45 x H21 cm – 150 cm textile cable – 1.5 kg

Light source E27 LED bulb included (2700K, warm white, 820 lumens)

Kontro 6000 - Birch

Kontro 6000 - Walnut

Kontro 6000 - Black

Kontro 6000 - White

Seppo Koho

”I truly enjoy turning sketches into wooden prototypes with my own hands. Finding a concrete solution to implementing a detail after persistent experimenting is a fascinating moment!” says the award-winning architect Seppo Koho, the designer of the Secto Design lamps.

Secto Design has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed architect, interior designer Seppo Koho (b. 1967) since 1995, first on furniture and since 2002 focusing solely on lamps. Seppo Koho is a graduate from both Helsinki University of Art and Design and Tampere University of Technology. Currently he runs his own architecture studio in Helsinki. 

Seppo Koho’s architectonic touch is clearly visible in the Secto Design lighting collection. All the lamps are suitable both for public and private interiors which for him is a sign of good design. Seppo Koho also regards the Secto Design lamps as lighted spaces seen from outside, like cosy houses on a dark evening.

Seppo Koho not only designs the lamps but also makes the first prototypes by hand himself. He has always been interested in wood crafting and experimenting with the possibilities that wood as a material can bring. Making a wooden prototype of a new lamp solves many details in the design a computer drawing cannot answer to.

Seppo Koho’s aim is to make lamps that give a harmonious light without the blinding shine coming from visible lightbulbs. The light source is hidden in all the Secto Design lamps whereas the light itself is visible in the fascinating patterns it makes on the walls and floor. The play of light and shadows together with the warmth of the birch wood give Seppo Koho’s minimalistic designs a poetic twist that intrigue people all around the world.