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designed by
Maija Isola, 1954

The Musta tamma (black mare) pattern reflects Maija Isola’s recollections of her childhood, when she often imagined that she was running free in the woods together with a big herd of horses. 

fabric / tissus

This cotton fabric features the Musta tamma pattern, which is printed in Helsinki.

Fabrics are sold by the decimetre (1 dm = 10 cm). Ex: If you want 220 cm, order 22 units.

Ce tissu est vendu au décimètre (1 dm = 10 cm). Ex : si vous voulez 220 cm, commandez 22 unités.

Width / Largeur 145 cm – Printed in Finland

 Musta Tamma fabric
100% acrylic coated cotton  
repeat / répétition du motif 62 cm


The Tableware is made of white stoneware that is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer proof.

Seasonal tableware
from 21 > € 11   

kitchen Towel / Torchon

61% cotton, 39% linen

Kitchen Towel
47x70 cm
17 > 8,50 €