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Marimekko Vases, Candleholders  
& Scented Candles

Marimekko's mission is to bring color and joy to lives and homes around the world. This selection of beautiful vases, candle holders and scented candles will make it easy to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Marimekko's glass items are hand-blown in a mold. Because they are handmade, they may contain occasional air bubbles and other small signs of craftsmanship. Slight variations between products are natural.


Marimekko vases are designed by Carina Seth Andersson and are made of hand-blown glass.

Urna Ø30 x H21 cm – 2,88kg

Urna 220 salmon

Urna 100 clear

Urna 600 olive

Urna 910 storm grey

Ming Ø22 x H24 cm – 1,58kg

Ming 101 opaque white

Umpu Ø18.60 x H20 cm – 1,15kg

Umpu 100 clear

Umpu 800

Umpu 800 opaque

Flower Ø10 x H10.40 cm

Flower 100 clear

Flower 601 opaque almond green

Flower 801 opaque pink

Flower 550 cobalt blue

Flower 700 opaque frosted blue


Seireeni white green – Ø13.70 x H25 cm


Marimekko candle holders are designed by Carina Seth Andersson and are made of hand-blown glass.
The upper part in metal is removable.

Fyr Ø12.70 x H8.30 cm

Fyr 100 clear

Fyr 500 marine

Fyr 800 burned orange

Puteli Ø10.50 x H9.50 cm

Puteli 100 clear

Puteli 800 brown

Puteli 801 opaque powder

Butticula Ø12.50 x H14.50 cm

Bougeoirs Plunta Ø11.50 x H17 cm

Butticula 601 green

Puteli 101 opaque white

Scented candles

Marimekko scented candles are presented in an A-grade Oiva coffee mug, which has been converted into a tea light. The candles have a cork lid.

Siirtolapuutarha 180 sleeping garden fragrance

Unikko 190 spring forest fragrance


These ornaments have leather hanging loops and they are made of white stoneware with a glaze. The gift package includes two ornaments: one with the three-dimensional Unikko pattern flower and one with the Siirtolapuutarha pattern flower. The Marimekko logo is printed on the back.

Spring Ornament Set – 2 pcs