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Marimekko, Finnish Design
Marimekko coated fabrics
Artek coated fabrics

Marimekko and Artek coated fabrics are made with fabric waterproofed with a thin layer of acrylic finish. Placed on a table, their aesthetic evokes more a fabric, with the visible frame, than a traditional oilcloth. A sponge is sufficient for their daily maintenance.

Coated fabrics can be washed at 40 ° C in gentle cycle and return them in reverse to iron.

Marimekko Acrylic Coated Cotton

Pieni Unikko acrylic-coated cotton fabric

acrylic-coated cotton – Pieni Unikko

Unikko coated fabric


Coton enduit Pieni Unikko – Marimekko

Pieni Unikko

Coton enduit Pieni Unikko – Marimekko

Pieni Unikko 813 

Coton enduit Unikko – Marimekko

Unikko 190 

Coton enduit Pieni Unikko – Marimekko

Pieni Unikko 001 

Coton enduit Pieni Unikko – Marimekko

Pieni Unikko 185 

Coton enduit Tiiliskivi – Marimekko

Tiiliskivi 910 

Coton enduit Räsymatto – Marimekko

Räsymatto 195 

Coton enduit Räsymatto – Marimekko

Räsymatto 191 

Coton enduit Siirtolapuutarha – Marimekko

Siirtolapuutarha 160 

Coton enduit Puutarhurin Parhaat – Marimekko

Puutarhurin Parhaat 

Artek Acrylic Coated Cotton

Rivi blue / white

Coton enduit Rivi bleu blanc – Artek
Coton enduit Rivi noir blanc – Artek

Rivi black / white

Coton enduit Siena blanc noir – Artek

Siena white / black

Coton enduit Rivi blanc bleu – Artek

Rivi white / blue

Coton enduit Rivi moutarde blanc – Artek

Rivi mustard / white

Coton enduit Siena blanc blanc – Artek

Siena white / white

Coton enduit Siena brique ombre sable – Artek

Siena brick / sand shadow

Coton enduit Siena gris ombre gris clair – Artek

Siena grey / light grey shadow

Coton enduit Siena sable blanc – Artek

Siena sand / black

Scandinavia Design is world-renowned for its in-depth knowledge of the Marimekko universe, and its loyal customers can be found all over the world, from the USA to Asia. 

Buying Marimekko products on the Scandinavia Design site guarantees you permanent access to the entire Marimekko range, whether it's the ongoing collection or the seasonal collections, which are sometimes available for a very short time and which we make available to you before anyone else thanks to our privileged relationship with the Finnish brand. 

Our site makes a point of highlighting every detail of every Marimekko product, including dimensions, materials, care instructions, the stories behind the patterns, giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Buying Marimekko products from Scandinavia Design is a great way to bring authentic Finnish design and joie de vivre into your home, while supporting responsible and sustainable consumption practices.

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