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designed by
Jenni Tuominen, 


The Marikylä (Mari village) pattern depicts a village of love and happiness, where you can bump into your favorite horse lounging on a flower meadow or climb up a hill to have a bag lunch with friends. It is a place to go to, something to snuggle into, or someone to hug. Love, caring, being together and the right to be who you are. That’s what happiness is made of. 

fabric / tissus

The Marikylä pattern on this cotton fabric is printed in Helsinki. 

25% of the cotton used in this fabric is recycled cotton.

Fabrics are sold by the decimetre (1 dm = 10 cm). Ex: If you want 220 cm, order 22 units.

Ce tissu est vendu au décimètre (1 dm = 10 cm). Ex : si vous voulez 220 cm, commandez 22 unités.

Width / Largeur 145 cm – Printed in Finland

Marikylä heavyweight cotton fabric
100% cotton
repeat / répétition du motif 62 cm
5.20 > € 4.37  

cushion cover / housse de coussin

Made from cotton, this cushion cover features the Marikylä pattern, which is printed in Helsinki. The cover has a concealed zipper on one side.

Marimekko cushion covers are sewn using the whole width of the fabric, and therefore their appearance may vary slightly. Each item is unique. 25% of the cotton used in this product is recycled cotton.

100 % Cotton 

Marikylä cushion cover
45 x 45 cm
45 > € 37.80

Tote Bag


Tote bag 44x43 cm
100% Cotton
34 > 28.56 € 

Poster 50x70 cm
170 g/m² uncoated matte paper
29 > € 24.36   


The Marikyläläiset collectibles are designed by Jenni Tuominen. The Annikki jar’s bottom half is a familiar Oiva dish and it is made of white stoneware. The Marikyläläiset collectibles are painted partly by hand, making each product a unique piece. The product is packed in the anniversary package.

White stoneware.

from 119 > € 99.96