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Gubi chairs occupy a prominent place in Scandinavian design, thanks to a happy mix of successful contemporary creations, such as the famous Beetle chair, and welcome re-editions, such as Paul Gascoin's C-Chair or the iconic Daumiller chair [read more].

Gubi chairs with plastic base

Gubi has earned an international reputation for its elegant and innovative furniture and lighting. Among its products, chairs occupy a prominent place, combining contemporary aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Here is an overview of Gubi's best-selling chairs, some of which have become iconic in the world of interior design.

Beetle Chair

The Beetle chair, designed by GamFratesi, is one of Gubi's bestsellers. Inspired by the shape and structure of the insect of the same name (beetle means beetle), it is available in several versions: in plastic, fabric or leather, with a wooden, metal, plastic or swivel base. Its organic design and variety of finishes mean it can be integrated into a wide range of interior environments.

Bat Chair

Also designed by GamFratesi, the Bat chair is inspired by the silhouette of the nocturnal animal (bat means bat). It features a wide, inviting backrest for maximum comfort. Available with different bases and in a range of colours and fabrics, the Bat chair adapts to a variety of furnishing styles.

Violin Chair

The Violin chair features an elegant backrest that evokes the curves of a violin. Its design is both simple and sophisticated, making it a stand-out piece in any space. It combines comfort and aesthetics, with particular attention to detail and materials.

Coco Chair

Designed by OEO Studio, the Coco chair aims to strike the perfect balance between comfort and modern aesthetics. With its round seat and curved back, it offers a clean, contemporary silhouette. Coco is versatile, suitable for both residential spaces and commercial projects.

Masculo Chair

The Masculo chair, designed by GamFratesi, blends tradition and modernity. Its distinctive back and generous seat create an interesting contrast, combining strength and delicacy. Available in a range of base versions, it has a sculptural presence.

3D Chair

The 3D chair, designed by Komplot Design, is famous for its innovative use of materials. It is produced using a 3D moulding process that creates complex, ergonomic shapes. Its design aims to offer maximum comfort while being aesthetically pleasing.

Daumiller Chair

A classic from the 70s, the Daumiller chair celebrates the beauty of pine wood. Now it's being reissued in a context of environmental concerns that magnify its qualities, because Daumiller was an ecologist ahead of his time, concerned with sustainable construction that was close to nature.

Gent Chair

The Gent chair, designed by GamFratesi, features a rounded back and comfortable seat, mounted on elegant wooden legs. It embodies a fusion of Nordic design and classical influences, offering an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.


The C-Chair, designed by Marcel Gascoin in 1947, is a classic example of French functional design. Gubi has reissued this chair, highlighting its simple yet sophisticated construction, comfort and space efficiency. It is particularly appreciated for its versatility.

Tropique Chair

Created in the 1950s by French designer Mathieu Matégot, the Tropique garden chair captures the timeless glamour and exotic luxury of outdoor life on the Côte d'Azur in the mid-20th century. 

Gubi chairs are renowned for their ability to combine form and function, embodying the spirit of Scandinavian design while incorporating international influences. They are chosen for both residential and commercial interior design projects, adding a touch of elegance and comfort.