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The Danish brand Hay offers a range of luminaires that combine functionality, innovation and aesthetics. Scandinavia Design presents its flagship collections below.

Nelson Bubble by George Nelson

Originally designed by George Nelson in 1952, the Nelson Bubble collection, reissued by Hay, embodies the quintessence of mid-century modern design. These sculptural lights, with their organic silhouette and translucent material, diffuse a soft, even light, transforming any room into a warm, welcoming space. The Nelson Bubble adds a touch of modern nostalgia, perfectly in tune with contemporary interiors.

PAO by Naoto Fukasawa

The PAO luminaire, designed by Japanese artist Naoto Fukasawa, draws its inspiration from the traditional PAO lantern used by Mongolian nomads. This collection stands out for its pure simplicity and luminous efficiency. PAO's soft, welcoming shapes, combined with cutting-edge lighting technology, make it both an aesthetic and functional lighting solution, ideal for creating a soothing atmosphere.

PC by Pierre Charpin

The PC collection, created by French designer Pierre Charpin, is an exploration of lightness and functionality. With its clean lines and minimalist shapes, each PC lamp is designed to be both discreet and ubiquitous, offering precise, directed light, perfect for work and living spaces.

Arcs by Muller Van Severen

Arcs, by design duo Muller Van Severen, is a celebration of colour and form. Inspired by arcs drawn in space, this collection is characterised by its bold silhouettes and metallic reflections. Arcs brings a touch of dynamism and originality to any environment, creating captivating plays of light.

Apollo by Studio 0405

Apollo, designed by Studio 0405, reflects a minimalist approach to lighting, where every detail is designed for maximum efficiency in a form reduced to a minimum. Inspired by architecture and precision, the Apollo collection is the quintessence of Scandinavian design, offering pure, non-intrusive light.

Bonbon by Ana Kraš

The Bonbon collection, designed by Ana Kraš, is a real tribute to handwork and colour. These lamps are made by meticulously winding thread around a structure, creating unique and colourful patterns. Bonbon is a fusion of art and design, where each piece tells a story of creativity and passion.

Apex by John Tree

Apex, designed by John Tree, plays on geometry and light interaction. With its angular shapes and reflective surfaces, Apex is a study in light, shadow and reflection. This collection is an eye-catching centrepiece that dramatically illuminates the space.

Matin by Inga Sempé

The Matin collection by Inga Sempé is an ode to lightness and poetry. The Matin lamps, with their pleated fabric shades and delicate colours, diffuse a soft, enveloping light. They evoke sunny mornings and bring a touch of freshness and delicacy to any interior.


Each Hay lighting collection tells a unique story, a marriage of form, function and innovation. At Scandinavia Design, we are proud to present these design masterpieces that transcend simple lighting to become true works of art. Invite beauty and functionality into your space with Hay, and let the light transform your environment.

As we celebrate creativity and design, we invite you to explore these collections and discover how they can illuminate and enrich your space. Hay, with its commitment to design excellence, continues to inspire and reinvent the way we live and inhabit our spaces. Welcome to a world where light meets art, welcome to Scandinavia Design.