PC lamps collection

design Pierre Charpin, 2019 

The PC lamps collection by Pierre Charpin is a collection of lamps manufactured with care, united by a common design but declined in a wide range including suspensions, wall lamps, table lamps, desk lamps with single and double arms, for indoor or outdoor use, with wire or battery, in sober or bright colors, so that there is a PC lamp for every conceivable use.

If the designer of the PC collection is French, his philosophy is very Scandinavian: simplicity, precision and modesty, functionality and visual concealment of technical components. 

PC Pendant

Materials spun anodized aluminium with injection moulded translucent polycarbonate diffuser

Cable black textile, 400 cm

PC pendant
from 143 €

PC table lamp

Materials anodized aluminium with injection moulded translucent polycarbonate diffuser,  cast iron internal weight

Cable black textile 

PC table lamp
from 219 €

PC Portable lamp

Materials ABS with injection moulded translucent polycarbonate diffuser

Charger USB 

Switch touch step dimmer

PC Portable lamp
82 €

Pierre Charpin

Trained as an artist, Pierre Charpin has devoted himself to furniture and object design since the early 1990s. His approach to design is strongly influenced by his artistic background. Pierre’s research on form and color characterize his work and can be seen in both, limited edition products and industrial products like the PC lamp.

The use of a simple vocabulary and elementary forms is a constant aspect in his work, as well as the desire to offer sensual objects. Drawing, which he practices as a starting point for his designs, is an essential part of his creative process. Pierre Charpin's pieces have been included in exhibitions around the world and are held in many museum collections. He was elected Designer of the Year 2017 at Maison & Objet. He lives and works in Paris.