lamps, vases, candleholders

design Fien Muller & Hannes Van Severen, 2021

The ARCS collection by Belgian duo Muller Van Severen is a celebration of simple, elementary shapes and the intensity of colors in an object. ARCS is a series of lighting designs and decorative objects formed by a continuous chain of curved arcs that form a single element, using spatial volume to create a scalloped silhouette. 

"For us, the collaboration with HAY is the perfect opportunity to offer our work to a large audience but also to a young audience," says Muller Van Severen who wants to democratize art and design to make it more accessible.

ARCS objects are made of steel and are available in a choice of bright colors or with a mirror surface that reflects and magnifies natural light. The different variants and mounting solutions give ARCS a versatile quality that makes it easy to integrate into most interior spaces. 

pendants & table lamp

Formed by a continuous chain of curved steel arcs creating a volume, the ARCS lampshade plays with light and form. With its elegant silhouette featuring deep contrasts, the ARCS lampshade is available in several colors or with a mirror surface. 

ARCS lampshades can be used as table lamps or pendant lights. The cord sets fitting the lampshades are sold separately and are available in two models: a table / floor variant with a toggle switch, and a pendant variant that can be fixed to the ceiling.

Materials Stamped and bent sheet steel with a high gloss wet-spray or mirror plated finish - cord set for pendant or table lamp sold separately 

Colors Auburn red, Cobalt blue, Sea green, Mirror

Dimensions 20 x 20 x H30 cm

ARCS shades

249 €

pendant cord

textile - 4 m - E27

49 €

table lamp cord

textile - 2.40 m - E27

49 €

wall lamp

Playing with shapes and shadows, the ARCS wall lamp provides soft mood light from top to bottom. Easy to assemble, it is available in two variants: the ARCS wall sconce without cord and the ARCS wall light with its integrated cord set.

The ARCS wall lamp is available in several colors or with a mirror surface.

The different mounting solutions give the ARCS wall lamp a versatile quality: it is suitable for hallways and large spaces but can just as easily be installed as a bedside lamp or in small corners of the house. 

Materials Stamped and bent sheet steel with a high gloss wet-spray or mirror plated finish - cord set (3 m with on/off toggle switch) included only for the wall lamp version (bulb not included)

Colors Auburn red, Cobalt blue, Sea green, Mirror

Dimensions 17 x 13 x H25 cm

wall lamp - hard wired
249 €

wall lamp with cord

249 €


The geometric expression of ARCS vases is ideal for creating sumptuous combinations with your lush bouquets or simple decorative branches in your living room.

ARCS vases are available in two colors, white or red, or with a mirror surface for captivating play of light. 

Materials wet spray steel or mirror-plated stainless steel

Colors Red, White, Mirror

Dimensions Ø17 x H25 cm

ARCS Vases
from 185 €


With their expressive and modern colors, the ARCS candleholders are formed by a unified chain of vertical arcs that envelop the candle in a slender silhouette. ARCS candleholders are available in two heights (9 cm or 13 cm) with different color options. Have fun mixing and matching colors and sizes to create your own compositions. 

Materials zinc alloy

Colors Dark blue, Mint, Ivory, Mirror (small) - Red, Green, Mirror (large)

Dimensions Ø5.5 x H9 cm (small) - Ø5.5 x H13 cm (large)

ARCS candleholder
from 49 €

Muller Van Severen

It was in the spring of 2011 that a new collaboration between wife and husband was born in the Belgian design universe: Muller Van Severen was founded by the duo of Belgian artists Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen.

Son of legendary designer Maarten Van Severen, Hannes Van Severen is a sculptor born in 1979 in Ghent, Belgium. A student on the campus of the LUCA School of Arts ’Sint-Lukas, he first obtained his master's degree in sculpture and then went on to obtain a second master's degree in sculpture at the Higher Institute for Visual Arts in Sint-Lukas.

Fien Muller is also an artist, born in Lokeren, Belgium in 1978. Between 1995 and 2000, she studied photography at University College Ghent - Faculty of Fine Arts (KASK) and obtained her Masters in Photography. She then studied sculpture on the campus of the LUCA School of Arts ’Sint-Lukas in Ghent and obtained a master's degree in sculpture.

In their quest for interesting furnishing objects, the duo sits somewhere between design and sculptural art and draws on their passion for architecture and materials. Known for their varied colors and pep, their collections of designer furniture and lighting can be seen in both private and public spaces.

Muller Van Severen has worked in partnership with prestigious galleries such as Kreo in Paris, Matter in New York, or Andreas Murkudis in Berlin. From their greenhouse transformed into a house-studio in Ghent, the creators collaborate with various and prestigious brands such as HAY, Petit H or Hermès.