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Scandinavia Design is pleased to present the entire range of designer lighting from the Danish publisher Gubi. To make it easier for you to explore, we have organized it into table lamps, battery-powered portable lamps, pendant lights, wall lights and floor lamps
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The Gubi lamp collection includes many best sellers, which stand out for their unique design and visual impact:

Multi-Lite Lamp

The Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp, created by designer Louis Weisdorf, belongs to the end of the golden age of Danish design. Thanks to its hemispherical movable elements, it has the originality of being able to diffuse its light in many different ways depending on how the different pieces are positioned: upwards, downwards, or diffusely and asymmetrically.

Bestlite Lamps

The Bestlite series, designed by Robert Dudley Best in the 1930s, has become a symbol of British Bauhaus design. Loved for its industrial aesthetic and functionality, the Bestlite table lamp has gained international popularity, notably after being chosen by Winston Churchill for his office. Its timeless design continues to be a centerpiece in contemporary and classic interiors.

G-10 Floor Lamp

The G-10 floor lamp, designed by Greta M. Grossman in the 1950s, is a piece that embodies mid-century modernism with its clean lines and minimalist approach. The lamp features a distinctive silhouette with a large shade casting soft but effective light. It's ideal for adding a touch of understated elegance to any space.

Gravity Lamps

The Gravity table lamp, with its design that harmoniously balances strength and lightness, combines a massive base with a delicate shade, creating an intriguing visual expression. The lamp plays on contrasts, not only in its materials but also in its appearance, offering a soft and welcoming ambient light.

Satellite Lamp

The Satellite lamp, designed by Mathieu Matégot in the 1950s, is distinguished by its innovative use of perforated metal, creating a unique play of light and shadow. Its organic design and avant-garde manufacturing technique make it a spectacular and functional lighting object.

Gräshoppa Floor lamp

The Gräshoppa floor lamp was designed by Greta Magnusson in 1947 and reissued in 2011 by Gubi. Its unique silhouette is instantly recognizable, with its tripod and backward-angled stem ending in an articulated head.

Timberline Floor lamp

The Timberline floor lamp by Mads Caprani returns after 20 years of oblivion, during which it only delighted knowledgeable collectors. Created in the 1970s, the Timberline sports a playfully curved gooseneck that both captures the Scandinavian design language of the 1970s and transcends it.

Semi Pendants

The Semi pendant light was designed in 1968 by two architecture students, Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup, in search of a refined aesthetic, with geometric and taut lines, breaking with the cozy aesthetic that dominated Denmark at the time. The two friends submitted their drawing to a competition organized by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and won first prize.

Aspide Table lamps

Serpentine in shape, beautifully balanced and shiny like a jewel, the Aspide table lamp by Gianfranco Frattini is both an eminently practical piece of industrial design and an irresistibly playful design gesture. First developed in 1970, the Aspide is unlike any other lamp while beautifully expressing its era.

Model 597

First released in 1961, the Model 597 was the lamp that established Italian virtuoso Gianfranco Frattini as a lighting designer. Short and cylindrical in shape, it is equipped with several bulbs and eccentric fringes which conceal its functional versatility. Its unique and playful shape perfectly encapsulates Frattini's approach to the aesthetics of light.

The lamps illustrate Gubi's commitment to reissuing design classics while collaborating with contemporary designers to create new icons. Each of these fixtures represents a fusion of functionality, history and modern aesthetics, making Gubi lamps popular choices for illuminating and beautifying living and working spaces with style and originality.