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wireless lamp

design Matteo Fogale, 2022

The Uruguayan designer Matteo Fogale was inspired by the lamps found in the public libraries of Montevideo to design the pretty Caret lamp, which completes the collection of &Tradition cordless lamps. The name Caret itself comes from the V-shaped grapheme used in proofreading and typography to indicate that additional material should be inserted into text.

  "I like the idea that this portable lamp is exactly what it's supposed to do: fit between the books in your bookshelf or sit between two people chatting around a table," says Fogale.

The lamp is made of lacquered steel, available in two contemporary colors, Dark Burgundy and Silk Grey.

“Both colors are quite stylish and will stand the test of time and trends, and they work well with both dark and light wood tones,” Fogale says. 

Materials steel & ABS

Dimensions H22 x 15 x 10 cm – weight 0,75 kg 

Light source 1W LED integrated, 100 lumen, CRI > 85, 2700 L – dimmable 40%, 70% 100% – lifetime 25 000 hours, replaceable.
Battery 11 hours
Class IP44

Caret Silk Grey

199 €

Caret Dark Burgundy

199 €

Matteo Fogale

Born in Uruguay into an Italian family, Fogale was raised in a dynamic environment that blended European influences with local South American arts and crafts. After moving to Italy in 2001, Fogale studied at the Leonardo da Vinci School of Art and the IUAV University in Venice. In 2015, a collection he launched in collaboration with Laetitia de Allegri received a Wallpaper* Design Award. Now based in London, his work blends the generous forms and honest materials of Brazilian design with the more rigorous principles that underpin Scandinavian design.