Crafted with precision

White, light grey and dark grey cubes: every side is cut out of MDF, then assembled, glued together and painted with three layers of PU lacquer.
Oak cubes: every side is cut out of MDF with oak veneer, then assembled and glued together.
Cleaning instructions
Remove dust from shelves with a soft cloth or remove abrasive dust particles. When necessary clean with moist cloth.
For wood veneer finishes, dry immediately with a soft cloth following wood grains.
The wood should not be subjected to excessive heat, direct sunlight or humidity.
Set of 5 clips to add colour to the storage system.
additionnal clips

ready-made configurations

Stacked 2.0 is a improved version of Stacked, made in Europe, featuring a new oak version and even better finishes. The modules are available in three dimensions, with or without door, with or without backboards. They can be placed directly on the floor, combined on a podium or wall mounted.
Simple and aesthetic, Stacked 2.0 offers endless possibilities for creating storage walls, bookcases, kitchen furniture, coffee tables, sideboards, buffets, and more.
The designers of Stacked, JDS Architects, about their design: "How to be specific and generic altogether? Shelving systems have a tendency to achieve one concern but never both. We decided to dimension shelving units based on the generic measurements of things to store and display while allowing for them to be combined according to specific needs and desires… the result can be at times a random stack of boxes or a coordinated grid of efficient storage… or both!"
Material oak veneered or PU lacquered MDF. Clips in powder coated steel. Two clips are included with each module.
Stacked 2.0 is a modular storage solution with endless possibilities. Modules can be combined to create storage walls, room dividers, side tables, kitchen elements, libraries, etc. They can be placed directly on the floor, mounted on a podium or hung on the wall.
> Modules with backboards come with brackets for wall mounting.
> The modules should always be connected with Stacked Clips or be wall-mounted.
> Two matching clips included with each module except oak that comes with light grey clips.
> A Stacked Podium is tested to withstand a maximum weight of 300 kg.

create your own configuration

oak / white
light grey
oak / light grey
light grey

configuration 10

– W196.2 x D35 x H109 cm

configuration 9

– W262 x D35 x H150.8 cm

configuration 8

– W262 x D35 x H107.2 cm

configuration 7

– W239.8 x D35 x H174.4 cm

configuration 6

– W152.6 x D35 x H172.6 cm

configuration 5

– W152.6 x D35 x H172.6 cm

configuration 4

– W130.8 x D35 x H218 cm

configuration 3

– W131 x D35 x H129 cm

configuration 2

– W131 x D35 x H107.2 cm

configuration 1

– W150.8 x D35 x H129 cm

configuration 7
configuration 10



Stacked 2.0

modular shelving system


design Julien De Smedt

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