Marselis floor lamp


Marselis table lamp

Inspired by the bent tubing around german local street signs, design duo kaschkasch have created a family of table and floor lamps sharing the same arched silhouette.
The light source comes from a tilting circular disc, which can be adjusted to create both an indirect ambient or direct task light beam.
The lamp body is crafted from powder coated die cast aluminium and steel ; the light source is an injection moulded polycarbonate opalescent lens that conceals a flat LED panel.
Both lamp designs are available in different colours and are suitable for a variety of private and corporate settings.
Table lamp W10 x D20 x H38 cm
Floor lamp W17.5 x D21.2 x H126 cm 
Colours soft black – khaki green – light grey



Marselis lamp

table lamp – floor lamp


design Kaschkasch, 2018

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