1) choose the color 2) choose the number of shelves 3) click on "view" and choose the width

3x4x4 = 48 versions 

Biblio Démon shelves are available with 4 heights: 46cm (1 shelf), 105cm (3 shelves), 140cm (4 shelves), 155cm (5 shelves):

4 heights

Biblio Démon shelves are available with 4 widths: 95cm (with 2 brackets), 155cm (with 2 brackets), 215cm (with 3 brackets), 275cm (with 3 brackets):

4 widths

3 finishes

black stained ash
width 215cm & 275cm
(3 brackets)
width 95cm & 155cm
(2 brackets)
Mathieu Matégot reached its creative peak in the 1950s, with major pieces like his famous Nagasaki chair. The Matégot Biblio-Démon shelving collection belongs to this very productive period. Mathieu Matégot loved metalworking and he usually used it as a dominant architectural element. Like with Biblio-Demon, visually dominated by his powerful black vertical metal shelf brackets, which are the signature of the collection.
Vertical shelf brackets: black metal.
Shelves: oak, walnut or black stained ash.
Number of shelves: the Biblio-Demon is available with 1, 3, 4 or 5 shelves.
Size Shelves width: 95cm, 155cm, 215cm and 275cm.  Shelves depth:  25cm.  Shelves height: 2,5cm. Total depth (shelf + bracket) 27cm.



Matégot Biblio-Démon Shelving System


design: Mathieu Matégot (1950)

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