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design Alexander Girard, 1945

Archaic in appearance, ultra schematic, made of solid maple, the Girard Bird can be placed on its feet or on its tail. The genius of Alexander Girard is to have managed to make him extremely expressive despite the abstraction and to make a real bird of him despite the absence of wings and feathers.

It was in the mid-1940s that Alexander Girard began making a series of sculptures in glass, foam rubber, corrugated cardboard, driftwood, plywood and solid wood. Among them, this bird carved by hand in apple wood. These naive inspired works were published in the July 1945 issue of the American magazine "Arts & Architecture".

Material solid maple (France)

Dimensions 23,5 x 15 x 75 cm

Girard Bird

225 €

Alexander Girard

Born in 1907 in New York City, Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures of postwar American design, along with his close friends and colleagues George Nelson and Charles & Ray Eames.

The primary focus of his wide-ranging oeuvre was textile design. Girard created numerous fabrics for the Herman Miller Company, favouring abstract forms and geometric patterns in a wide variety of colour compositions. Many of his upholstery fabrics remain as timely and vital as ever and are still manufactured and utilised by Vitra today.

Having originally studied architecture, Girard made a name for himself over his long career in the fields of furniture, exhibition, interior and graphic design. Moreover, he was one of the world's most important collectors of folk art. The objects and textiles acquired by Girard on his extensive travels provided him with a rich source of inspiration and ideas. When Rolf Fehlbaum, the son of Vitra's founding family, first visited Alexander Girard and his wife Susan at their Santa Fe home in 1960, Fehlbaum wrote a letter to his parents telling of the deep impression it had made on him, and describing it as the most fascinating house he had ever seen in the United States.

Vitra and the Vitra Design Museum have devoted themselves to the reappraisal and revival of Alexander Girard's work over the past several years. The growing Girard collection in Vitra's product portfolio includes his painted Wooden Dolls, the Environmental Enrichment Panels and various furniture pieces and objects, along with his distinctive fabric designs.

After Alexander Girard's death in 1993, his heirs donated the Girard archive (comprising hundreds of drawings, prototypes and samples) to the Vitra Design Museum. In 2016/17, the museum mounted the exhibition 'Alexander Girard: A Designer's Universe'.