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Swedish Design Lamps

Wästberg has been created by Magnus Wästberg in 2008 in Helsingborg, on the southern part of Sweden, with a clear idea of what should be lighting. Magnus Wästberg, about his project: "Wästberg want to create a new form of total solution using softened general lighting combined with beautifully-designed direct lighting to be placed on desks or other plane surfaces."

In this way, cold and sterile environments with static intensity of light throughout could simply be changed to atmospheric environments with beautiful and functional lighting (which creates a sense of well-being). The great challenge lay in direct lighting. The general lighting was already there (the monstrosity on the ceiling), and just needed to be turned down as much as necessary. 

How would this heretofore unseen form of direct lighting be created, and by whom? Some old truths in the lighting business are as follows: “Beautiful lamps give off bad light.” “Ugly lamps give off good light.” Magnus Wästberg never understood that. Why can’t two extremes be united? He wrote to some of the most prestigious designers and architects in the world (who had more or less been friends of his since his apprenticeship), asking them what they might achieve starting from A. his own vision, B. the latest discoveries in lighting research and C. some non-negotiable product qualities.

The response was overwhelming. 

W102 Chipperfield Table Lamp
David Chipperfield

W171 Alma – Wall / Ceiling / Pendant Lamp
Tham & Videgård

w151 extra-large pendants
Claesson Koivisto Rune