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Mutatio Lamps
design Christian Troels

The Mutatio lamp plays on the extreme simplicity of its shape and the contrast of black and white: matt black metal cylinder when closed, glossy white reflector when it opens. The light is directional and orientable. A very discreet switch is on the cord. The Mutatio lamp is available as a table lamp and as a wall lamp.

Material steel

Dimensions table lamp Ø8 x H30 cm / wall lamp Ø8 x L25 cm
Light source 1 x E14

Table lamp
Ø8 x H30 cm

Wall lamp
Ø8 x L25 cm

Christian Troels

Christian Troels graduated from Kolding School of Design in 2012. In the course of his studies, he has had the opportunity of spending a semester at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University in Sweden. He particularly worked with means of transportation in the Transportation Design Programme.

Christian is a versatile designer, who masters both the conceptual and the technical aspects of designing. With his playful approach, he always strives to induce in his products those elements that make them differ from others. He works with product design of several categories, from bicycles in China to toy concepts.

After ending his studies Christian was employed at the LEGO Group Concept Lab in Billund, working to create new concepts for LEGO. Today Christian Troels has his own design studio in Copenhagen.

Christian has designed MUTATIO for LE KLINT. It is a series of lamps inspired by transformation and simple geometry. When closed, the lamps are discrete, but once opened they reveal a characteristic and exciting expression. The MUTATIO table lamp won the award for best lamp design of the year in 2014.

Christian has also designed the PLIVERRE series where he has reinterpreted the wll-known pleats, but in frosted opal glass. The name PLIVERRE comes from the French verre plié, which just means folded glass.

In the 2020 edition of DR´s program series "Denmark's Next Classic", Christian Troels has marked himself as a charismatic, innovative and dynamic designer who dares to think outside the box.