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PLANK extensible table GM3200

design Nissen & Gehl

The PLANK table is a modern version of the traditional large wood table of early kitchens. Its 4cm thickness solid wood top is composed of 2 parts that are supported by oiled burned steel legs, colour
« gun barrel ». The large PLANK table invites you to gather in an informal and friendly way.

Dimensions (without extension leaf) 180 x 100 cm – 210 x 100 cm – 240 x 100 cm – 270 x 100 cm – 300 x 100 cm

Extensions Wood telescopic slides are hided under the top and allow you to add 1 extension on each sides of the top. Extensions measures 50cm. Table could so be enlarged by 50cm or 1m. Extensions are available in solid wood or MDF

Woods & finishes soaped oak – white oiled oak – lacquered oak – oiled natural oak – lacquered wild oak – oiled wild oak – soaped ash – white oiled ash – black stained ash – oiled elm – lacquered elm – oiled walnut – lacquered walnut – oiled sapwood walnut – lacquered sapwood walnut

Plank GM3200

180 x 100 cm

from 4526 €

Plank GM3200

210 x 100 cm

from 4978 €

Plank GM3200

240 x 100 cm

from 5423 €

Plank GM3200

270 x 100 cm

from 6237 €

Plank GM3200

300 x 100 cm

from 7172 €

rallonge Plank GM3200

L50 cm

from 423 €

wild oak

Wild oak is an wood with many knots and irregularities. It is selected for these characteristics.



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95 €

soaped oak

white oiled oak

oiled oak

lacquered oak

soaped ash

white oiled ash

black ash


oiled or lacquered

wild oak

oiled or lacquered


oiled or lacquered

walnut sapwood

oiled or lacquered