RIME pendant

design TAF Studio, 2020

The Rime pendant light is a contemporary variation of the classic glass globe, which seduces with its balanced shape, its subtly frosted surface and its colored upper part matching the cord. It is available in four dimensions and several colours to adapt to any environment, whether private or public. We will install it alone or in a group, in a geometric or playful way.

Rime Ø12 Ø12 x H15 cm –  light source G9 LED (bulb 2700K included)
Rime Ø25 Ø25 x H30 cm – light source E14 (frosted bulb recommended, not included)
Rime Ø37 Ø37 x H45,5 cm – light source E27 (frosted bulb recommended, not included)
Rime Ø45 Ø45 x H55 cm – light source E27 (frosted bulb recommended, not included)
Cord 400 cm
Materials mouth blown glass, aluminium top, PVC cord
Colours white, black, grey, orange 

Rime Ø12 cm
4 colours  
191 € 

Rime Ø25 cm
4 colours  
339 €  

Rime Ø37 cm
4 colours  
384 € 

Rime Ø45 cm
4 colours  
454 € 

TAF Studio

TAF Studio is a Stockholm-based design and architecture practice, founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, working to breathe new life into domestic products through refined design.

On Their Design Philosophy: “Our aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function. A recurrent departure point in our projects is that everyday objects, by their obvious commonness, can be made uncommon.”

On New Nordic Design: “We think that New Nordic design will upkeep its relevance in design and preserve the good social values that it is famous for. Amongst other things, the use of wood has always been part of our tradition and we believe it is something to develop further.”