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Superloon Floor lamp

design Jasper Morrison, 2015

British designer Jasper Morrison was inspired by the moon to create this spectacular floor lamp. Superloon is a large disc of light mounted on an aluminum tripod. Like the moon, it rotates 360 degrees around its axis. The light can be directed in all directions to create a variety of lighting moods.

The opal PMMA diffuser houses a high-tech LED panel. The perfectly homogeneous light surface is the result of the revolutionary Edge Lighting technology, which offers optimal performance, efficiency and visual comfort. The light is projected evenly over the entire surface of the disc, providing diffused lighting. 

Dimensions H197 x Ø75,4 cm - 11 kg

Materials painted or chromed aluminum, diffuser in screen-printed PMMA acrylic glass, switch on the foot with dimmer function to adjust the heat of the light (2200 K - 2800 K)

Light source 1 x Edge Lighting, 45 W, 2716 lm




Jasper Morrison

Known for thinking outside the box, Jasper Morrison is one of the most successful industrial designers of the past few decades.

Together with his colleague Naoto Fukasawa, he defined the term 'super normal', which in his opinion answers the question of what 'good design' should really be. In his work, he strives to create good examples of understated, useful and responsible design.

His designs are shown in New York's Museum of Modern Art and other prominent museum collections around the world.