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Arch – Linear – Organic

design Patricia Urquiola, 2022

Almendra ("almond tree") is a poetic and modular lighting system, whose shape is inspired by the fruits of the almond tree, a tree that surrounds Patricia Urquiola's studio. In accordance with the direction taken by Flos, the Almendra luminaire is part of an eco-responsible approach. Crafted from durable polycarbonate and aluminum, it mounts without glue, and is easily repaired and disassembled.

Available in several colors, from lilac to orange, available in many shapes thanks to its modularity, Almendra is fully in line with the approach of the Spanish designer, who always aims to integrate her creations as much as possible into the environments in which we live.

The light modules can be rotated in 60° increments within the structure to change the direction of the light emitted. The “primer” version can be painted after installation with water-based finishes (tempera, stucco, water-based paint) to integrate perfectly with the building. The electronics integrated in the rosette allow the use of different dimmers: 1-10 V, DALI, push button or potentiometer.

Materials tubular structure made of aluminum and terminals in CNC aluminum with matt or metallic finish – metal rosette with matt white finish or primer

Light source EDGE Lighting technology integrated

Cable 3 m

Environmental norm Almendra has been designed according to ISCC standards, no element is glued in order to be able to completely disassemble the product for recycling

Almendra Linear

Almendra Organic

Almendra Arch

Almendra is available in 3 shape – Arch, Linear, Organic – and 6 colors :


Short W115,2 x D32 x H18 cm – Long W130,5 x D32 x H18,8 cm
Light source 30W – 1170lm – 2700K – CRI> 95

Arch – Anthracite

Arch – Off-white

Arch – Nude

Arch – Ocher

Arch – Bay blue metallized

Arch –Lilac metallized


Linear S3 45 W – 1755lmW128,6cm Linear S4 60 W – 2340lm W166,5cm Linear S6 90 W – 3510lm W242,3cm
2700K - CRI>95

Linear – Anthracite

Linear – Off-white

Linear – Nude

Linear – Ocher

Linear – Bay blue metallized

Linear –Lilac metallized


S short 2 W132,5 x D75,9 x H17,5 cm – S long 2 W157,7 x D77 x H19,6 cm

S short 3 W161,1 x D75,9 x H17,5 cm – S long 3  W186,2 x D77 x H19,6 cm

Light source 30W - 1170lm or 45W - 1755lm – 2700K – CRI>95

Organic – Anthracite

Organic – Off-white

Organic – Nude

Organic – Ocher

Organic – Bay blue metallized

Organic –Lilac metallized

Arch S short 2

Arch S long 2

Linear S3

Linear S4

 Linear S6

S short 2

S long 2

S short 3

S long 3

Patricia Urquiola

Originally from Oviedo, Spain, Patricia Urquiola studied architecture and design at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and completed her studies at the Politecnico di Milano where she graduated under the mentorship of Achille Castiglioni. Among the highlights of his career are: Lecturer to Achille Castiglioni and Eugenio Bettinelli in Milan and Paris, head of the new product development office of De Padova, in collaboration with Vico Magistretti, head of the group of design by Lissoni Associati…Studio Urquiola is frequently called upon to design not only objects and architectures, but also to think about the future of mobility, the workplace and production cycles. Creating links between craftsmanship and industrial research, heritage with innovation and technology, Patricia Urquiola also pushes the companies she works with to recycle once-waste materials and tries to reimagine entire processes leading them to change, to evolution and innovation.

Patricia Urquiola believes in an original design point of view merging humanistic, technological and social approaches. His thinking about design is the intersection of challenges and the breaking of prejudice, finding unexpected connections between the familiar and the unexplored.