French Design Lighting

The Ateliers Pierre Disderot were founded in 1948, at the end of the war, when the need to rebuild everything offered an unexpected opportunity to a new generation of French designers, who were going to redefine the grammar of lighting by exploiting new techniques and new materials.

Before reserved for rich and lucky collectors, innovative lighting designed by Pierre Disderot, Olivier Mourgue, Pierre Paulin, Alain Richard, Janine Abraham and Dirk-Jan Rol, René-Jean Caillette, Sylvain Dubuisson, Roger Fatus, Étienne Fermigier, Michel Mortier and Joseph-André Motte are once again available thanks to the passion of the current managers, who in September 2017 initiated an ambitious reissue program.

Disderot perpetuates the timeless spirit of French creation from the 50s to the 70s with this made in France collection, respecting original design, quality and craftsmanship. Each edited model is numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

In the continuity of the spirit of the Pierre Disderot Workshops, promoting the French design, Disderot issues for the first time a creation of Sylvain Dubuisson.

Flowers Series
design Olivier Mourgue, 1967