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design Sebastian Herkner

Inspired by French Art Deco the Sillon mirrors by Sebastian Herkner are a serie of three graphic mirrors. The geometric motifs and stream-lined designs offer a new interpretation of an iconic object: the mirror as the designer said:

« I was examining the interplay between people and their portrait in the mirror, experimenting with the brilliance of the reflection and the subdued pattern along the edges. »

Hang at different heights, alone or in decorative configurations in a hallway, bathroom or bedroom. 

Sillon small Ø46cm – Sillon medium Ø66cm – Sillon large Ø96cm – Sillon rectangle 190 x 60 cm

Material plated steel & silver coloured mirror

Ø46 cm
339 €

Ø66 cm
571 €

Ø96 cm
817 €

Ø46 cm
298 €

Ø66 cm
517 €

Ø96 cm
748 €


190 x 60 cm
1634 €


190 x 60 cm
1525 €

Sebastian Herkner

German designer Sebastian Herkner transposes contemporary objects into cultural artefacts and vice versa, channelling his appreciation of authentic materials and artisan skills combined with modern technology. After graduating from the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, Herkner’s apprenticeship with Stella McCartney in London triggered his fascination with form, structure, texture, material and effects, evident in all of his work, including even the smallest of details.

Herkner's Sillon, part of the &Tradition collection, are a series of circular and rectangular mirrors in varying sizes inspired by the designs of French Art Deco.