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Mia Hamborg

Mia Hamborg's Shuffle table is inspired by the traditional scandinavian wooden toys, with wich children invents forms by stacking turned wood modules on a stick. She added bright colors and a "table" function wich is as unexpected than obvious. As the toys, the table can be arranged in your own way by changing the order of colored modules.

Size Ø45 x H70cm

Spectrum colour with smoked oiled oak



Mia Hamborg

Mia Hamborg hails from Norway, where an education in advertising and graphic design led to interior design consultancy contracts on the side. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in furniture design with an emphasis on wood, Hamborg fuses functionality with humour in her endearing designs. With the 'Shuffle' table she revitalises the Nordic craft of turning wood. Dating back to the Viking Age, it involves a foot-powered pole lathe to rotate the wood, using a sharp tool to shape it.

"I want people to feel a sense of joy when they see my designs," says Hamborg. "To walk into a room and suddenly smile."