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Bar Stool

design Anderssen & Voll, 2018

The Pavilion collection was designed to furnish the Langelinie pavilion, built in 1958 by the architect couple Eva and Niels Koppel in a modernist style on the Copenhagen waterfront, not far from the Little Mermaid. The specifications required that the chair be stackable, suitable for intensive use, and in the spirit of the place, full of poetry and lightness. To achieve this, Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll have combined bentwood plywood and bent metal tubes, to produce a strong, comfortable and slender piece. A success, which led to its rapid variation in lounge chair and bar stool. 

Material bentwood plywood, metal tubing, optional upholstery with fabric or leather
Seat height 65 cm L50 x P48 x H85 cm – Seat height 75 cm L52 x P50 x H95 cm

wood seat & back

AV7 (Seat Height 65 cm)

AV9 (Seat Height 75 cm)

walnut + black fittings / black legs

black oak + black fittings
/ black legs

oak + black fittings
/ black legs

wood backrest + upholstered seating versions

AV8 (Seat Height 65 cm)

AV10 (Seat Height 75 cm)

black oak + black fittings
/ Canvas 174 (groupe de prix 1)
/ black legs

walnut + brass fittings
/ Vidar 333 (groupe de prix 3)
/ black legs

upholstered versions

AV14 (Seat Height 65 cm)

AV15 (Seat Height 75 cm)

Velvet 10 Twilight (groupe de prix 2) / black legs 

Vidar 333 (groupe de prix 3) / black legs

Fabrics and Leathers

Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll are among the most prominent and successful Norwegian designers. They have been named both Norwegian and Scandinavian designers of the year and have received numerous international awards for their work within furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

On Their Design Philosophy: “A good product builds and expands on tradition while simultaneously breaking the rules of said tradition. Modifications and elements of surprise, even changes that are less radical, stimulate thought and reflection, also who may not hold a particular interest in design. This tiny second of reflection is the window of opportunity where we can communicate with the users and that’s what we strive to tap into.”

The long-standing studio: The studio of Andersson & Voll is located in the heart of Oslo, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the area dating back to 1802 – a farm structure-cum-studio located next to the beautiful river of Akerselva, an area that is home to several design studios and art schools.