Eames Elephant – small version
Eames Elephant – original version
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Eames Elephant – small version
Eames Elephant – original version
Almost no other animal is as popular as the elephant. Admired for its majestic size and loved because of its gentle nature, the elephant is an everyday presence in our lives – as a stuffed toy, storybook figure or heraldic animal. Charles and Ray Eames also succumbed to the pachyderm's charm and developed a toy elephant made of plywood in 1945. However, this piece never went into production. Now manufactured in plastic, the Eames Elephant is available for the first time to the target group for which it was originally intended: children.
Whether as a sturdy indoor-outdoor toy or simply as an attractive object in a child's room, this friendly looking animal with prominent, oversized ears will bring delight to children and parents alike.
Small version W20.5 x L39 x H21 cm
Original version W41 x L78.5 x H41.5 cm
Material dyed-through polypropylene, matt finish



Eames Elephant


design Charles & Ray Eames, 1945

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