Dome – brass
Dome – dark green
Dome – red brown
Dome – black
Record – brass
Record – dark green
Cone – black
Cone – dark green
Hoop – rose
Hoop – red brown
Disc – black
low & high red brown
low & high dark green
DOME This classically shaped curvilinear lampshade is designed to be a primary light source for dining or reading. Directing and focusing the light where you want it, this large and decorative shade is crafted in powder coated metal with a light-reflecting white interior. The lampshade is compatible with all socket pendants from the COLLECT Lighting series.
Size  Ø38 x H16cm.
Material  Brass, or rose, light grey, dark blue, black, dark green, red brown powder coated metal. White inside.
RECORD  With a nod to retro forms, this shallow drum-shaped pendant radiates strong light downwards thanks to its reflective white interior. Providing a decorative element to your interior design, this powder coated metal lampshade is part of the interchangeable COLLECT Lighting series. Create a modern look and pair this design with any socket pendants from the COLLECT Lighting series.
Size Ø30 x H7cm.
Material  Brass or black, dusty blue or dark green powder coated metal. White inside.
CONE Inspired by classic Coolie and Empire-style lampshades, this powder coated metal design has a conical shape and light-reflecting white interior that disperses the light directly where you need it. A future classic, this lampshade is compatible with all socket pendants from the COLLECT Lighting series.
Size Ø25 x H12cm
Material  Light grey, dark blue, dark green or black powder coated metal. White inside.
HOOP  Elegant and understated, this curvilinear lampshade in powder coated metal provides subtle accent lighting to illuminate your bedside, kitchen surfaces or chosen corner of a room. The interior is coated white to ensure optimal light reflection, and the lampshade is compatible with all socket pendants in the COLLECT Lighting series.
Size Ø20 x H7cm
Material Black, dusty blue, red brown or rose powder coated metal. White inside.
DISC  Providing subtle downward lighting for food preparation, reading or simply for ambience, this small lampshade directs light to where you need it. The design lends a warm accent to any room, complementing almost every interior style. Create a retro-inspired look and pair with any socket pendant from the COLLECT Lighting series.
Size Ø12 x H7cm
Material Brass plated, light grey or black powder coated metal. White inside.
Dome – dark blue
Dome – light grey
Dome – rose
Record – dusty blue
Record – black
Cone – dark blue
Cone – light grey
Hoop – black
Hoop – dusty blue
Disc – light grey
Disc – brass

2 – choose your lampshade

low & high dark blue
low & high dusty blue
low & high light grey
low & high black
low & high brass
low & high rose

1 –choose your socket

This sleek barrel fixture forms the core of the COLLECT Lighting series. This short pendant can be used alone with a decorative bulb to create ambient lighting or together with any one of the lampshades in the series to illuminate your chosen room to suit your style and mood. The socket pendant comes complete with a decorative brass ring, canopy ceiling mount and 3m fabric-covered electrical cord.
Sizes Low: Ø 6 x H10.2 cm / high: Ø 6 x H17 cm.
Material Powder coated metal with 3m fabric cord and canopy. The cord's and canopy's colour matches the socket.
Light source E27 max 60W. LED E27 compatible. Bulb not included.
The Collect Lighting collection gives a large place to the creativity of its users: it consists of a set of 16 sockets (2 lengths and 8 colours) to freely combine with a set of 25 shades (8 shapes and up to 8 colours available). In total, more than 400 possible combinations. These different elements are available in matte powder coated metal, brass plated metal or white opal glass. A small brass ring decorates the sockets. A configurator is available below to test and visualise your ideas.

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