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Flower Mono coffee table


Christine Schwarzer, 2008

Espace Client

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The Flower table by Christine Schwarzer is available in two versions: Flower and Flower Mono. While the first is equipped with a laminate top, the Flower Mono table has a wooden top: oak or stained ash.

Like the Flower, the Flower Mono table is available in three top sizes and two heights, so that you can compose pull-out sets.

Materials wood veneer top, solid wood edges, thermo-lacquered or chromed steel base

Flower Mono – 66 x 62 cm

Flower Mono – 90 x 84 cm

Flower Mono – 114 x 107 cm

3 table top sizes
114x107cm / 90x84cm / 66x62cm

2 heights
39cm / 45cm

4 table top colours


White pigmented oak

Black lazur ash

White lazur ash

4 base colours





3 x 3 x 4 x 4  
= 96 possible combinations

Christine Schwarzer

Denmark's Christine Schwarzer has one goal with her design: "to make the world a little more beautiful, more fun, happier and more playful". For example with its Flower coffee table, which with its soft and obvious shapes is a future modern classic.

Christine Schwarzer was born in 1970 in Copenhagen. She trained as a furniture designer and industrial design in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Since graduating in 1999, she has designed furniture and other products at the Copenhagen studio - except for the year she worked for a Danish furniture company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Together with Anne Birgitte Balle, Christine Schwarzer also designs children's furniture under the name RoomMate. Schwarzer has participated in exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, among others. RoomMate won the Design Plus Award.