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Drum tables, metal

Corinna Warm, 2016

Espace Client

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The Table Drum – drum, in English – was an immediate success when it was released in 2016: singular and playful, it is expressive, functional and elegant at the same time. Available in several sizes and heights, the Drum table can be used alone or in a group.

In its metal version, the Drum table can be used as a pot thanks to the plastic interior.

Materials aluminum tray, plastic inner bowl and steel base

Dimensions Ø40 cm x H36 / H46 / H56 cm

Drum Table – Metal

Ø40 cm x H36 cm

Ø40 cm x H46 cm

Ø40 cm x H56 cm

Corinna Warm

But while its products are simplistic in form, they almost always have an element of surprise in their content. A hidden drawer turns out to be an extra work space, and when you look closer, a table turns out to be... a pedestal bowl! Warm's works are intelligent, innovative and beautiful. And perhaps a clue to the look of her design is that, unlike many colleagues, she does not primarily work at her computer, but closely with skilled craftsmen.

Corinna Warm was born in Berlin in 1978. She came to the UK to study at Saint Martins College London, where she graduated in Product Design in 2002. After graduation, she worked for several established designers in Milan and London before starting his London business Warm 2007, which designs products, furniture and interior design. Warm has participated in exhibitions in London and Milan and attracted the attention of the design press in the UK and other countries.