Eclipse wall lamp

 design Hervé Langlais, 2019

The Eclipse wall lamp was designed by the French Hervé Langlais, the first independent designer to work with the brand CVL Luminaires, based in Anjou, France. As its name suggests, the wall lamp represents an eclipse of the sun, a phenomenon that happens when the Moon passes in front of our star. The result is a beautiful bright and radiant crown.


Eclipse consists of two large brass discs, available in several satin finishes. At its center, a small polished disc brings a shiny touch to the whole. An integrated LED board is hidden between the two large discs. It diffuses an indirect light, soft and subdued, slightly coloured thanks to its reflection in the matter which surrounds it.


CVL Luminaires specializes in the manufacture of handcrafted lamps, both in series and in small quantities. They therefore offer a great freedom of customization. Satin brass, satin graphite, satin nickel, satin copper: all these finishes are available and combinable. The small central disc, available by default in polished finish, can also comes with a satin finish. Please contact us.

Dimensions Ø28 / 38 cm – depth 6.8 cm

Materials solid brass – polycarbonate diffuser

Light source integrated LED, 3000K (warm white light), intensity 1790lm

Ø28 cm - brass / graphite
809 € 

Ø28 cm - brass
809 € 

Ø38 cm - brass / graphite
969 € 

Ø38 cm - brass
969 € 

Hervé Langlais

Trained as an architect, Hervé Langlais collaborated for many years with Paul Andreu, a specialist in airport constructions, and together designed the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing in China and even the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

Twenty years later, he started again what he loved doing and developed a product designer activity. This former building designer grants specific importance to each detail, refined form and to the rarity of materials.

Hervé is the first independent designer to become part of the CVL team.