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Nikolaj Klitgaard

Danish carpenter Nikolaj Klitgaard fashioned the very first Bubo by hand in his grandfather's workshop in 2013. His passion for woodworking and attention to detail led to the creation of the sweet family of owls named Bubo. Handcrafted from oak, Bubo comes in two sizes and both have a round moving head and detachable magnetic arms. This allows Bubo to show a wide range of emotions. From hope, excitement to wonder, enjoy the different expressions of Bubo.

Material oak

Small H12,50 x 8,84 cm
Big H14,20 x 8,50  cm

H14,20 cm


Nikolaj Klitgaard

Nikolaj Klitgaard has spent most of his life designing various wooden objects. He rose through the ranks despite his young age and is already considered a renowned craftsman. His passion and creativity began at a very tender age: Klitgaard created his first pieces in his grandfather's carpentry workshop. Klitgaard's specialty is the trick where he designs unique characters and brings them to life.