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Tubes 2 and Tubes Large
wall lamps

design Charles Kalpakian

The Tubes wall lamps were created by the Lebanese designer Charles Kalpakian for Nemo. They provide a soft and glare-free light thanks to their diffusers made of opal polycarbonate. Their body consists of two orientable tubes; they allow you to adapt your lighting with a simple gestures of the hand, making it direct or indirect according to your needs.
The Tubes wall lamps have integrated dimmable LED boards. The intensity of the light can be adjusted in a standard way thanks to a dimmable wall switch (TRIAC version), or via a button located on the body of the lamp (Push on board version, only available for Tubes 2).

Material extruded aluminum body, opal polycarbonate diffusers

Tubes 2 wall lamps

Light source 2 x integrated LED boards, 5,5W, 2700K (warm light), 450 lumen, dimmable
Dimensions lower tube L23 cm, upper tube L20 cm, total depth 9,5 cm
The lower tube can rotate itself at 30° on a vertical axis. The 2 tubes rotate at 340° on a horizontal axis.


from 348 €


from 348 €

white / copper

from 390 €

Tubes Large wall lamps

Light source 2 x integrated LED boards, 13W, 2700K (warm light), 1200 lumen, dimmable
Dimensions height 31 cm, depth 23 cm, tubes Ø7 cm
One tube is lighting down and can be oriented at an angle of 60°, the second is lighting up.


522 €

white / light gold

540 €

white / grey

540 €

Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982. After collaborating with prestigious agencies including the Era Ito and Christophe Pillet in 2011, he launched his design studio and has since then been developing his own projects.
He draws his inspiration from his roots in France and Lebanon, as well as street-art culture. These influences can be seen in his work through the reinterpretation of patterns derived from the decorative arts that were in turn inherited from the history and geography of Lebanon. Charles’ line of work is always sharp yet flexible; almost like the strokes created by a calligraphy brush.

Ranging from product to interior design, his ventures always highlight the richness of his origins combined with the elements of Western modernity. JM design gallery in Beirut and also designs private commissions.