Raimond & Raimond Zafu

design Raimond Puts / Ox-ID studio

The Raimond pendant was designed by the Dutch designer Raimond Puts in 2007, technically produced by the studio Ox-ID and edited by moooi. It impresses for several reasons: the diversity of its sizes – from a diameter of 43 to 199cm –, the quantity of its light sources – from 92 to 1212 LEDs – as well as its structure itself.

Raimond is composed of 2 spheres, one inside the other. They are formed of thin strips of stainless steel creating a triangular grid that carries the electric current. The spheres are connected by a multitude of LEDs, which are at the top of each triangle angle and which diffuses light in all directions. The result is spectacular: a real fireworks.

The Raimond pendant can be suspended alone or in groups, whether in a private area – for example above a table, near a sofa or a bed, or in a loft – as well as in a public one – in a restaurant, a reception room, a club. It will seduce by its indisputable chic.

Materials stainless steel 304 (for indoor use only), acrylic glass (PMMA)

Raimond II R43 pendant

Raimond II R61 pendant

Dimensions Ø43cm, 4 or 10m transparent cable

Weight 1.5kg

Light source 92 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 329 lumen

Canopy included

Dimensions Ø61cm, 4 or 10m transparent cable

Weight 2kg

Light source 162 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 644 lumen

Canopy included

Raimond II R43

From 1962 €

Raimond II R61

From 2835 €

Raimond II R89 pendant

Raimond Zafu pendant

Dimensions Ø89cm, 4 or 10m transparent cable

Weight 2.5kg

Light source 252 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 790 lumen

Canopy included

Dimensions Ø75 x H30cm, 4 or 10m transparent cable

Weight 3.5kg

Light source 162 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 510 lumen

Canopy included

Raimond II R89

From 4657 €

Raimond Zafu

From 4046 €

Pendants with driver box

Raimond II R127 pendant

Raimond II R163 pendant

Dimensions Ø127cm, 10m transparent cable

Weight 4.5kg

Light source 492 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 1684 lumen

Dimmable on option.

Dimensions Ø163cm, 10m transparent cable

Weight 7.5kg

Light source 812 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 2779 lumen

Dimmable on option.

Raimond II R127

16014 €

Raimond II R163

26067 €

Raimond II R199 pendant

Dimensions Ø199cm, 10m transparent cable

Weight 12.5kg

Light source 1212 LED, 2700K (warm light)

Light intensity 4148 lumen

Dimmable on option.

Raimond II R199

37786 €

Raimond Puts

"LED it be"

If there is some sort of thread that travelled through the life of Raimond Puts (1937 - 2012) then it must be that of technical engineering. The machine designer he later became developed this talent already at a very early age when he played around with his Meccano toy box. Technical science has fascinated him since. During his technical education, he was trained in the craft of metalwork and a new world opened up for him.

About thirty years ago he began building models from cheap materials like strip–iron, mosquito nets & paper. He became attracted to the challenges of making geometric shapes & models. Over the years he has experimented with all sorts of shapes & materials. He searched for solutions to the practical problems he encounters with an angel-like patience & determination. Over the years his constructions became more refined and by making use of the LED-technique, Raimond found an extremely productive combination. In his work he searched for the ideal integration of beauty & functionality. In his designs he always searched for the essence & created with minimal means, achieving maximum results.

He was not only interested in the exterior results. His objects stand as models for a world in which everything is connected to everything else. Everything fits perfectly. This conceptual simplicity inspired him to continue searching for newer constructions. In them, he found peace & continuous surprises.

In 2010 Raimond Puts won the best Woonproduct of 2010 Award (Sanoma Woon Awards) with the Raimond light.