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NJP Floor Lamp

design Nendo - Oki Sato, 2016

The NJP table lamp launched in 2015 quickly met a great success and Louis Poulsen now offers the NJP Floor Lamp. The designer Oki Sato, founder of Nendo design studio, wanted to design a contemporary interpretation of the classic Anglepoise articulated lamp, which exploits the most modern lighting technologies, for private and professional spaces.

The shade of the NJP Floor Lamp is shaped to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. It has a switch to choose between two light intensities with a single touch. The rear opening of the shade towards the arm provides a wide amplitude of movement and good ventilation for LEDs. 

Ultimate refinement, the lamp turns off by itself if you forget to do so.

Materials Base: Steel. Arms and lamp head: Aluminium. Joints: Anodized Aluminium. Stem: Aluminium.

Mounting Cord length 2 m. Switch on the fixture head. Timer function: 4 hours/8 hours.

Weight 7.2 kg

Light source 2 light source available: 10W LED 2700K (warm light) and 10W LED 3000K (cool light), CRI>90. Universal driver attached to cord.

Class Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection II w/o ground.

NJP floor lamp
730 €

NJP floor lamp
Light Grey
730 €

NJP floor lamp
Dark Grey
730 €

NJP floor lamp
730 €


Versatility and an intuitive understanding of how the lamp is used have been key themes in Oki Sato's work. The head is shaped to make it easy to adjust the lamp and switch it on and off using one hand.

The two arms provide great movement and many stepless positioning options, allowing even large tables to be optimally illuminated.

Two light settings (100% and 50%), making it easy to adapt the light to alternating work with a monitor or documents.

Oki Sato - Nendo design studio

Nendo design studio is synonymous with designer Oki Sato, born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada.

In 2002 he founded Nendo design studio. Nendo means ’clay’ in Japanese – or more specifically, modelling clay such as plasticine. A unique material that makes it easy to do creative modelling. As Oki Sato explains: ”The name is appropriate for a studio that needs to develop design solutions for a host of very different clients”

Oki Sato does not look at design like many iconic designers, who have focused on the mantra, ’form follows function’. He also looks at the history behind the product and its design.

His expression is minimalist, but contains small signs and details that immediately arouse memories. He employs soft, friendly shapes which make his designs appear comfortable from first sight.