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Bold Rug
Hella Jongerius

Bold Rug Hella Jongerius
Bold Rug Hella Jongerius

The Bold rug is made up of two unequal strips running lengthways, one 1/3 and the other 2/3 of the width. Bold is also available in a monochrome version.

Bold is made from a combination of machine-spun and hand-spun wool yarns. The result is a thick, warm and expressive carpet. Voluminous and irregular, it is extremely pleasant to the touch, a quality which, according to Hella, is "the most important characteristic of a carpet".

Bold is woven by skilled craftsmen in India and New Zealand using yarns dyed after they have been knotted, which produces an interesting effect because the dye does not penetrate completely into the core of the yarn. 

Bold Rug Hella Jongerius

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Bold Rug Hella Jongerius

Color 0112 – 180 x 240 cm

Color 0112 – 200 x 300 cm

customize your rug

You can order a square, rectangular or round rug. The order unit is the square decimeter (10 x 10 cm). For example, if you want a rectangular rug measuring 120 x 130 cm, you'll need to order 12 x 13 = 156 units. 

If you want a round rug, you need to order the equivalent of the square rug containing your round rug. For example, for a Ø120 cm rug, you'd need to order the equivalent of a 120 x 120 cm rug, i.e. 144 units.


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Width cm

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Bold rug unit (1 square decimeter)

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Bold Rug Hella Jongerius
Bold Rug Hella Jongerius
Bold Rug Hella Jongerius




Bold Rug Hella Jongerius
Bold Rug Hella Jongerius
Bold Rug Hella Jongerius




Bold Rug Hella Jongerius
Bold Rug Hella Jongerius



Materials 100% pure New Zealand wool
Product method hand woven
Weight 3800g/m2 Thickness 12mm Maximum size 300 x 400 cm

Country of origin India
Technical spacifications

Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius is one of the world’s foremost product designers. She is a prominent force in the Netherlands, her native country, as well as on the international stage where she wins regular accolades for her thoughtful and research-driven work. Since her early work for Dutch design collective Droog, and now at her Berlin-based studio Jongeriuslab, material and process research largely determines her design direction.


Her work has been characterized by a unique ability to approach industry with a craft perspective. In 2013 Hella Jongerius was appointed Design Director for Danskina, she has brought that same craft sensibility, research and experimentation to the textile industry.