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Vakka storage boxes have been created by the Finnish designer couple Aalto+Aalto (ironic reference to the famous Alvar and Aino Aalto). They were inspired by the very popular traditional plywood storage boxes around the Baltic.

The result is a box collection as beautiful as functional, useable in many ways, be it in a closet, on a shelf or directly on the ground: you can stack them to create a small coffee table.

Iittala manufactures the Vakka boxes in the LK-Taivuten, in Finland, where there is a long tradition of working with the Nordic birch plywood, a wood with natural beauty, resistant and tender to the touch.

Material 100% birch

Small 45 x 30 x H15 cm Large 45 x 30 x H23 cm

45 x 30 x H15 cm

45 x 30 x H23 cm

45 x 30 x H15 cm

45 x 30 x H23 cm


Elina Aalto (b.1976) and Klaus Aalto (b. 1975) opened their Helsinki-based design office in 2010 to work with products, spaces and exhibitions.

The designers share a desire to create special everyday objects with a strong identity and story. Their inspiration comes from time-tested old techniques, factories and flea markets. They excel in creating unique and imaginative things that are simple and timeless.

Besides Iittala, Aalto + Aalto have designed products for many distinctive companies including Mifuko. Their work has been widely exhibited and is included in collections of the Design Museum in Helsinki and Quebec.

In 2014, Aalto + Aalto was awarded the prestigious iF Golden Product Design Award for their innovative Vakka, a multi-functional container that can be used as a stackable piece of furniture.