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design Henrik Pedersen

The Circle Tables are outdoor tables that are available with a bamboo table top and with an aluminium base. Thanks to the disposal of the table legs, we can sit where we want without disturbing the knees. There is a granite ornament at the center that, in addition to bringing style, can be used as trivet.

Materials solid bamboo slats top and black painted steel tube legs
Dimensions Ø110 cm or Ø150 cm – H74 cm

Circle Table Ø150 cm

Circle Table Ø110 cm

Circle Ø110 cm

Circle Ø150 cm

Henrik Pedersen

Born in 1967, Henrik Pedersen graduated as a fashion designer in 1990. Having used his training to explore the world of design in general, he now works as a designer in various fields. His studio,365° Design, is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

« Does design really matter? Perhaps not – but for me it’s essential. It gives me a thrill to design forms and functions that are capable of moving people passionately and opening up new possibilities.

Passion for design is in my mind, soul and heart, wherever I go.

And my main inspiration is neo-scandinavian design, influenced by the vibes of London and the humor of Amsterdam, often with elements of fusion, resulting in materials and functions being combined in new and original ways, while always striving for a pure and simple look. »