Quilton Duo – Combination 19, left end – top uph : Atlas 881, base uph : Flamiber dark blue J4



modular sofa

design Doshi Levien

The Quilton modular sofa is the result of London design studio Doshi Levien’s work, a studio that was founded in 2000 by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien – behind, for example, the Dapper and Uchiwa lounge chairs edited by Hay.

Described by the designers as a "quilted landscape sofa system," the Quilton sofa serves as a central platform for living, working, socializing and relaxing. With a very recognizable graphic signature, it is available in a wide range of different modules and upholsteries.

In addition to the choice of shape and upholstery, there is a choice of version. The sofa is indeed available as Quilton (one upholstery), Quilton Duo (two contrasting upholsteries) and Quilton Contrast (black base). The quilted padding is composed of a high resilience foam base that does not loose its shape and a complement of wadding for more comfort.

Quilton can be configured for both domestic and public spaces. 

Quilton Duo – Combination 21, right end – top uph : Fiord 442, base uph : Remix 252

Quilton Contrast – Combination 23, left end – fabric : Raas 772 

Quilton – Combination 19, left end – fabric : Flamiber cream A5

Quilton – Combination 21, right end – fabric : Sense/Silk black 

Quilton – Combination 17, left end – fabric : Mode 014

Quilton – 3-seaters – fabric : Linen Grid adriatic blue

Quilton – 3-seaters – fabric : Vidar 932

Ottoman et coussin – fabric : Swarm multi colour

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Quilton exists in three versions : Quilton with one upholstery, Quilton Duo with two upholsteries et Quilton Contrast with a black base.

To compose your sofa, 1) Choose the version 2) Choose the shape 3) Choose the upholstery

Quilton modules

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module 401

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Middle modules


module 203

module 303

Ottoman 05

combination examples

3 seaters

Quilton Comb. 1

Quilton Comb. 2

Quilton Comb. 3

Quilton Comb. 4

Quilton Comb. 5

Quilton Comb. 6

Quilton Comb. 7

Quilton Comb. 8

Quilton Comb. 9

Quilton Comb. 10

Quilton comb.

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Quilton Duo comb.

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Quilton Contraste comb. 

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fabrics, price category 1 : Mode, Linara, Remix, Swarm, Lint, Random Fade, Atlas
fabrics, price category 2 : Steelcut, Steelcut Trio, Melange Nap, Olavi, Flamiber, Fairway, Linen Grid
fabrics, price category 3 : Divina, Divina MD, Divina Melange, Fiord, Ruskin, Roden, Dot 1682, Re-wool
fabrics, price category 4 : Hallingdal, Lila, Canvas, Bolgheri, Raas
fabrics, price category 5 : Balder, cuir Sierra
fabrics, price category 6 : Coda, Vidar, Sense leather, California leather, Nevada leather

Please note: for the time being, apart from the pre-composed Quilton Duo, only two fabrics are currently available for the Quitlon Duo : The Steelcut Trio 133 for the seat / back / armrests and the Remix 143 for the base / back / sides.

Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien is a London based design studio founded in 2000 by Nipa Doshi (b. 1971) and Jonathan Levien (b. 1972). Doshi grew up in India and studied at the National Institute of Design, while Jonathan, who is from Scotland, trained in fine cabinet making followed by industrial design. 

They met while studying at the Royal College of Art. They have established a strong reputation for creating design that is both technically advanced and imbued with cultural resonance. They have been internationally acclaimed for their work and in 2008 were awarded the prestigious Future Legends of Design by the Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design in New York. Together, they bring to bear a complimentary set of skills to the projects they work on. 

Doshi is primarily concerned with visual culture, an aesthetic understanding of the world and the materiality of things, while Levien is more focused on industrial precision and technique. They have worked on projects for industry leading companies and institutions in the fields of furniture, fashion, homewares, technology and lighting. For HAY, they have created the Uchiwa Lounge Chair and Dapper.