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Flat Works

design Ethan Cook, 2022 

Inspired by his decorative woven wall art, Flat Works by American designer Ethan Cook is a series of wool and cotton rugs designed for HAY. Featuring a geometric abstract design, the rugs translate the designer’s bold color-contrasting illustrations into practical and decorative objects. Crafted in a New Zealand wool-cotton blend, the different dyeing and weaving processes mean that each rug varies slightly, giving them a unique quality. Available in different sizes and color combinations, the rugs are suitable for use in the bedroom, hallway, living room and many other interior spaces.

Material New Zealand wool and cotton


Dimensions 80 x 250 cm

80 x 250 cm – Double stack

80 x 250 cm – Wave

80 x 250 cm – Black and Blue


Dimensions 170 x 240 cm

170 x 240 cm – Brown L

170 x 240 cm – Red offset

170 x 240 cm – Blue offset

170 x 240 cm – Peach green check


Dimensions 200 x 300 cm

200 x 300 cm – Brown L

200 x 300 cm – Peach green check

Ethan Cook

Ethan Cook was born in 1983 in a small town in Texas in the United States. He moved in 2008 to New York, where he still lives and works as an artist and designer in the Soho district. Best known for his abstract art woven with bold color combinations, Ethan Cook’s minimalist works are a study in structural simplicity. He has exhibited with groups and in salons since 2009, as well as in his own exhibitions since 2014. For HAY, Cook has designed the Flat Works collection.