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Noctambule Floor lamp

design Konstantin Grcic, 2019

Noctambule, almost invisible during the day but active and captivating when night falls. A perfect analogy. The new lamp collection by designer Konstantin Grcic is made of transparent blown glass elements, almost invisible during the day. When night comes, the elements are transformed into beautiful light installations.

From the simple glass cylinder acting as a lantern, to the imposing column of light or the masterful chandelier, each composition creates a unique atmosphere.

The dimmers can be controlled from the remote power supply of the ceiling lights. The LED technology that powers the lamps is discreetly integrated into the junctions between the glass elements, almost imperceptible, ready to light up at nightfall.

Dimensions from 50 to 217 cm, power cable 2m

Weight from 10 to 29kg

Materials transparent blown glass structure, cast aluminum clamp and rings, hydroform steel inner arm, molded opal silicon rings.

Light source Strip LED 9W and Cob LED 18W, warm light 2700K

1 low cylinder – Ø25 x H50 cm, base Ø39 cm

1 high cylinder – Ø25 x H58 cm, base Ø39 cm

1 high cylinder + cone – Ø36,5 x H91 cm, base Ø39 cm

2 low cylinders – Ø25 x H90 cm, base Ø39 cm

2 high cylinders – Ø25 x H111 cm, base Ø39 cm

2 low cylinders + cone – Ø36,5 x H144 cm, base Ø39 cm

3 low cylinders – Ø25 x H140 cm, base Ø39 cm

3 high cylinders – Ø25 x H164 cm, base Ø39 cm

3 high cylinders + cone
Ø36,5 x H197 cm, base Ø55 cm

3 high cylinders + bowl
Ø55 x H190 cm, base Ø55 cm

4 low cylinders – Ø25 x H185 cm, base Ø39 cm

4 high cylinders – Ø25 x H217 cm, base Ø55 cm

Konstantin Grcic

Born in Munich in 1965, Konstantin Grcic trained as a cabinetmaker before studying design at the Royal College of Art in London. There he meets Jasper Morrison and Vico Magistretti who will influence his work throughout his career. After graduating, he joined Jasper Morrison's studio and in 1991 founded his own studio in Munich: Konstantin Grcic, Industrial Design (KGID). He works there for prestigious publishers (IIttala, Magis, Moroso, Flos ...) as well as for industrialists (Krups, Whirlpool).

Grcic favors a functionalist approach to design: he calls his style "current, feasible and concrete". His creations have a radical, raw side. Some of Grcic's creations are part of the collections of the MoM and the Museum of Decorative Arts. He has also been awarded a Compasso d'oro for the Mayday Lamp and the Myto chair.