Designed by the Milanese duo Nicoletta Rossi & Guido Bianchi, the Ipnos lamp is a magical parallelepiped of pure light. Between poetry and visionary design, this ultra minimalist structure in extruded aluminum is like a pencil line drawn in the air. Ipnos highlights the essential: the light.

In the evenings, transparent and lightweight, it creates intimate, suffused atmospheres which leave the fascination of the night unchanged. Available in different finishes, the Ipnos lamp is perfect to enhance your exteriors.

Dimensions H70 x L35 x P35 cm

Materials extruded aluminium frame, textured and anodized in various finishes, Led on the top edges incorporated in the extrusions and protected by transparent PC, driver on plug and dimmable switch on cord

Light source 196 x TOP LED 665 lm, 3500 K

Option : top tray
(polycarbonate, up to 5 kg)

950 €

Nicoletta Rossi & Guido Bianchi

The architects Nicoletta Rossi, born in Milan in 1961, and Guido Bianchi, born in Florence in 1970, began their career working exclusively on lighting and prototyping projects.

They have collaborated with a large number of companies and organizations in Italy and abroad. After gaining extensive experience with Piero Castiglioni, they founded Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design in Milan in 2006.

A lighting project must meet functional criteria, but the two architects' research extends to the "unmeasurable" aspects that influence the visual and emotional perception of space.