Glo-Ball lamps
T1 & Basic

design Jasper Morrison, 1998

The Glo-Ball T1 and Basic lamps, designed by Jasper Morrison in 1998, are made of a spherical diffuser in white opaline blown glass which diffuses an omnidirectional light, soft and serene.

Although ultra minimalist like most of Jasper Morrison's designs, the Glo-Ball lamp has a strong personality that fits all types of interiors.

Material Externally acidetched, hand blown, flashed opaline glass and a die-cast aluminum threaded ring nut with alodine plating finish. 30% fiberglass reinforced injection-molded polyamide base. Die-cast aluminum diffuser support. Electronic  dimmer on the cable.

Light source Glo-Ball Basic 1, Basic 2 & T1 1 x E27
Light source Glo-Ball Basic zero 1 x E14 

Light source Mini Glo-Ball T 1 x G9 

Glo-Ball T1 – Ø33 x H60 cm

Glo-Ball Basic 1 – Ø33 x H27 cm

Glo-Ball Basic 2 – Ø45 x H36 cm

Glo-Ball Basic Zero – Ø19 x H16 cm – switch

Mini Glo-Ball T – Ø11 x H9 cm – switch

Glo-Ball Basic Zero – Ø19 x H16 cm – dimmer

Jasper Morrison

Known for thinking outside the box, Jasper Morrison is one of the most successful industrial designers of the past few decades.

Together with his colleague Naoto Fukasawa, he defined the term 'super normal', which in his opinion answers the question of what 'good design' should really be. In his work, he strives to create good examples of understated, useful and responsible design.

His designs are shown in New York's Museum of Modern Art and other prominent museum collections around the world.